Saturday, November 14, 2015

"He Who Does Not See"

Obama doesn't have the INTELLIGENCE to see the Islamic terrorists for what they are-- a scourge upon the Earth. Somebody to be ENDED. Wiped out, to a man. Yes, I said, MAN. For just about all the Islamic terrorists are men—except for a few stupid women who LIKE being second class citizens, subject to the will of ANY man. Slaves to men. He CLAIMS to be a Christian, but makes ignorant statements like, “Man cannot advance by insulting Islam,” or words to that effect. He bows to despots and dictators and shuns Jews, whom they oppress.

He “rules” in favor of the Muslim position every time he gets a chance. He refuses to allow his people to treat Muslims in this country with the suspicion they deserve. He won't “bug” mosques to find out what drivel their Imams are preaching there. He is a solid FRIEND to Muslim extremists, even though he DOES feebly “attack” them and call our attention to those attacks (which he purposely plans so they always do as little damage to them as possible) to make us think he's not their accomplice. He tells us he has “contained” them, while they create chaos in one of our allied nations with wanton killing. He needs to be arrested for his traitorous actions, and condemned to DEATH. But that'll never happen. People in DC have no gonads for it. (Town Hall)

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