Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Talks Tough, Does Nothing"

Obama says that about the French after the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris. But that's one of his usual LIES. France has conducted HUNDREDS of raids on Islamic terrorists in just a couple of days after the attack. Islamic terrorists that they've only been “monitoring” up to now, but whose names and locations they KNEW. They immediately scooped up most of the rest of the plotters and may have even killed the mastermind of the raid. They're conducting air strikes on KNOWN terrorist enclaves in Syria and other countries, killing terrorists, right and left.

Meanwhile, how many YEARS has it been since the Islamic terrorist atrocity in Benghazi, Libya, on American diplomatic personnel? We have been able so far, to do NOTHING except LIE about the reason for the raid! CNN even was able to INTERVIEW one of the masterminds of that attack in a coffee shop, while we can't even IDENTIFY those planners. With all the might of the American government in the world, they can't even get the cooperation of the Libyan government, in whose country it happened! And Obama has the unmitigated GALL to say the French are “talking tough, and doing NOTHING. What a damned fool he is! (White House Dossier)

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