Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Deputy Killer Trying Hard

He's demanding to know all about a woman who witnessed his cowardly crime who seemed to have been “hidden” for two weeks. He says the cop was there to meet this woman, who it is claimed “was his illicit lover,” and he was not on duty (which was confirmed). As if that mitigated his crime. On duty or not, meeting a lover or not, his crime is premeditated MURDER of an unsuspecting policeman with his back turned. He can't get around that. He can only try and use this information to reduce the number of years he must spend behind bars—or maybe escape the death sentence, if they even HAVE one in that state. Frankly, he should have thought of that before he pumped a bunch of bullets in this deputy's BACK, condemning him to death, for nothing. He's a cowardly COP KILLER. That's all we need to know. If looks could kill....this killer would be dead from the look that deputy (or is that the sheriff, himself?) standing behind him in court was giving him, if he had his way. (The Blaze)

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