Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Silly Damned Question

They asked, “Do Hillary's lies matter?” they say “We've become accustomed to politicians lying to us.” But is that a reason to trust a KNOWN liar, who is MARRIED to a known liar and rapist? I don't think so. We should DEMAND truth of ANY politician. All he/she has to sell is honesty, and if you can't count it, he/she needs to be “kicked to the side of the road.” But in the Democrat Party, it's almost a REQUIREMENT to be a liar. You can't BE a Democrat without lying. They have to lie to state their party's wishes. They don't DARE tell the truth about what the Democrat Party really is after. It's socialism, pure and simple. And they know if they tell the truth, they'll never get elected to anything. Bernie Sanders is the exception. He has ADMITTED to being a socialist, while others try and keep it quiet, and he still has a pretty large following. But I think that following will dwindle as time goes on, especially if he makes it to the general election (which I doubt) and what he stands for becomes more known. (American Thinker)

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