Sunday, November 8, 2015

Racist For Race Issues

The New York Daily News hired a racist to cover race issues . They hired Shaun King, who started right out by calling Milwaukee's black Sheriff David Clark a “sellout” and an “uncle Tom” in one of his first columns, both of which are racist terms. Clark says, “That crap doesn't bother me,” probably because he “considers the source.” King took him to task for denying police brutality and racism in one of his recent columns. Frankly, Clark is right, for the most part. There are isolated cases of both, but it's not widespread as the “Black Lives Matter” crowd want us to think. That bunch of thugs reveals their bias by “getting mad” when somebody responds to their foolishness by saying, logically, “ALL lives matter.” Clark says such insults are “designed to get me off message,” Seeking to get him defending himself from those charges, which are bogus.

King says, “No other white sheriff would say such a thing.” Probably because the “black activists have them mostly so afraid of being called racist, they don't DARE say it. But Clark, being black, himself, doesn't care. King has also called for Clark to be fired. Apparently he doesn't understand that Clark is ELECTED, meaning he can't BE fired. King used to be with that liberal rag, “The Daily Kos,” and is well known to use fanciful “sources” for his stories, including the one he told about being “attacked by racists” while in high school. There were no witnesses to back that up, as is usually the case with liberals who quote imaginary, unnamed “friends” who (falsely) told them a Republican presidential candidate hadn't paid his taxes in ten years, or that a dead son, as his last words, told his dad to run for president. (The Daily Caller)

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