Sunday, November 1, 2015

Punishing Achievement

That's the theme running through everything they do in government these days, and it predictably spreads to lower levels, such as schools. The whole idea of holding sports events without scoring (to “avoid making the poor things that don's win feel bad”) is ludicrous. But they do it. They hand out trophies for just “showing up<” making them worthless. That's like NASCAR holding an auto race without naming a winner. The entire PURPOSE of holding these events is to find out WHO is best. To deny that is patent STUPIDITY and jealousy. Yes, JEALOUSY. Like all other tenets of collectivism, they show their JEALOUSY of those who excel, who ACHIEVE. They show that tendency elsewhere, as well. Like raising the minimum wage so kids with NO EXPERIENCE who need to be trained to do the simplest tasks as much as those who already know how to do those things, simply by making a LAW.

They want to “prop up” those who CAN'T excel by PRETENDING they do. By making them “feel good about themselves” with no real reason to do so. The very idea of “self esteem” is phony, because it makes people “feel good” without BEING good. The alternative is “self IMAGE,” Which is based on the sure KNOWLEDGE of your own talents and abilities. An egregious example of that is a principal in San Francisco (where else?) who withheld election results because they “weren't diverse enough.” Thus destroying the rights of the kids who ELECTED these people because of her own political opinions. According to the writer of the linked article, that was “Radical, politically correct social engineering run amok.” Rightly so. (Hot Air)

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