Thursday, November 12, 2015

Going to Extremes

A pregnant woman was driving carelessly and so damaged her unborn baby that it died six days after it was born. The cops arrested her and charged her with murder, and she was convicted. But then a higher court, decided the live baby “was not a person” since the original injury was gotten before it was born, and declared her not guilty. What IGNORANT judges they have in New York! Yet these are the people who direct our lives, in their ignorance. This is an OBVIOUS example of judges deciding a case, based on their OPINION, not the law. And nobody seems to be in a position to “call them on it.” The dissenting judge was sickened by the actions of his colleagues. He said, “Apparently a person is not a person until it has 'passed through the portal of birth,' even if it dies six days later.” He further said, “This is such a silly claim that it makes a mockery of the law and belittles life, itself." If this is what we've come to in this country, we're DOOMED. (Eagle Rising)

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