Monday, November 30, 2015

The "Peaceful Muslim" Myth

Liberals like to tell us all the time about the “peaceful; Muslims who are coming here to live. Yeah. Peaceful. Why then, are “honor killings” on the rise? Why do Muslims KILL so many beautiful women for GETTING raped, or being seen with someone on the street not her relative, either natural, or by “marriage?” Why are there so many reports of Muslims killing people for the smallest “slights?”

Why do Muslims take truck driving jobs where they KNOW they will be hauling alcoholic beverages, then refuse to do so, and sue the employers for firing them when they refuse, and collecting six figure “settlements?” Why do they seem to sue just about anybody, for just about anything they think they can use to disrupt things? Why have they set up “phone trees” to allow them to quickly form a crowd of Muslims to beat the hell out of any non-Muslim coming into their “enclaves?” They don't come here to escape anything.

They bring it with them. They come here in droves, breed like rabbits, and are only waiting until they outnumber us and can elect their own candidates (if they haven't elected a president, already) and vote Muslim things into law here. Why are our military people told to IGNORE the sounds of Muslim officers raping little boys and chaining them to beds to keep them as sex slaves in Afghanistan and Iraq? That it's a (cultural thing” with them, so child rape is okay?) Next the same thing will be enforced in America. And the young boys they seem to favor will suffer. They call us “corrupt” and they do things like that. And their lust for children is not limited to boys. They are well known to “marry” little girls, sometimes as young as SIX. (Town Hall)

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