Sunday, November 15, 2015

Obama Changes Oath for Muslims

It looks like Obama is getting more and more cocky in his efforts to change our basic institutions for the benefit of Muslims. Each change convinces me more that he IS a Muslim, himself, no matter how much he denies it. Now he's changed the oath new citizens must take to BECOME citizens. It used to require them to swear to “fight for us” if necessary and/or give “noncombatant service” for their new country. Now no such service is required of new citizens “If such is against their religious teachings.” So Muslims can fight to defend Islam, but not the country to which they have moved. They don't “assimilate,” nor fight for their new country. What's next? A law making Islam the “religion of choice” for all Americans, whether or not they want it? How about a law making it official that Muslims will be SUPERIOR to native-born Christian Americans in all things? Obama is POISON to America and should be removed, at any cost. Immediately. And imprisoned for TREASON, if possible. (Human Events)

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