Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pushing Gore's Swindle

Global warming is one big HOAX, perpetrated upon us by a Democrat former (thank God) vice-president, to fatten his wallet. And fatten his wallet it has, to the point where, if he sits down with it in his pocket, he'd fall over sideways. It has made him a BILLIONAIRE. Now Obama has taken up his swindle, as has the United Nations, over an IMAGINARY danger. They realize what a priceless swindle it has been for Gore, and they want some of that for themselves. For them it's not money so much as it is POWER. It gives them the opportunity to take power over the rest of us. The money will come, later. The United Nations now wants to make “legally-binding” climate change laws, world wide. That's in addition to their effort to take out guns away. They just don't understand the concept of the Second Amendment.

This from a useless organization that sucks up money like a sponge sucks up water, that is RUN by the nation's dictators, who would like nothing more than to make laws for US which they have NO RIGHT to do, and hopefully never will--unless Obama, in his incompetence and ignorance, allows it. This would be one BIG step toward their “wet dream” of world government. We need to squash this foul odor on the New York skyline, NOW, before we (with Obama's cooperation) allow it to overtake us. We rejected the first attempt at a “United Nations” with our rejection of the League of Nations many years ago. But they succeeded in their second attempt to establish an abortion such as the UN, and we will ultimately suffer for it. (Activist Post),

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