Monday, November 9, 2015

Bottom of the Barrel

They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel in their efforts to “get” Dr. Carson. They're trying to take him apart on his memories of FIFTY years ago. Sometimes I don't remember exactly what I had for breakfast a WEEK ago, much less fifty years ago. He said he met General Westmoreland on a certain date. I met Earl Nightingale, a man that was one of my heroes about fifty years ago, but I could no more tell you exactly what date on which that happened, than fly to the moon without a space ship. To fault him on that is ludicrous. He said he thought he was being offered a “scholarship.” when he wasn't. At the time (and in the ignorance of youth) it was quite possible he interpreted the general's words to MEAN he was being offered a scholarship. And he NEVER SAID he had ATTENDED West Point. They made that up out of whole cloth. He says he doesn't think anybody else had been subjected to this level of scrutiny, and Democrats can give a LIST of those who HAVE. But ALL on that list are Republicans. I think he meant Democrats, NONE of which have been vetted to that degree, Obama and Hillary, not at all.

They're been trying HARD to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING to use against him, and have failed. So they're twisting facts so as to be able to accuse him of LYING, when the whole thing can be put down to the confusion of youth, And lying on the part of Politico. As to him “having a violent youth,” they say they can't find any “evidence” he was. Maybe he was just too good at hiding it from the people he didn't attack, like his mother, who he says he tried to hit with a hammer, and another relative he tried to stab, neither of which want to talk about it, and he won't violate their privacy. It's all a “witch hunt,” as he has labeled it. If they had actually FOUND something important, they wouldn't be laying on this piffle. The Politico story said he ADMITTED to lying about attending West Point, but he did NOT. Only in their “fevered imagination” did he lie. It is this kind of falsification of facts that is EXPECTED of liberals, everywhere. Carson says Politico's phony story has resulted in $3.5 million dollars in contributions. (Town Hall)

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