Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't "Contain Them"

Crush them. Obama says there have been “no changes” in his strategy concerning ISIS after the Paris atrocities. France has no such limitations. They have closed their borders and have gone in and “taken out” the Muslims they have been “watching” as they “prepared” for their own atrocities. They have captured many Islamic terrorists who have been getting together and plotting atrocities. Hopefully, unlike Obama, they will not “turn them loose” after a while, to go back and continue their plotting. Closing the borders means NOBODY comes in, especially “Syrian refugees,” most of whom are Islamic terrorists, anyway.

Taking out” the cells they already knew about will rob the Islamic terrorists of manpower. Obama says his strategy is “the one that's going to work, but it will take time.” Sure. At least as long as HE is in office and responsible. If he thinks his strategy to “contain them,” not DESTROY them is going to work, he is DELUDED. Trying to “contain them” is like “herding roaches” to contain THEM. We need to KILL them. Every time we confront them. Don't just CAPTURE them, KILL them. Deprive them of their MANPOWER.

Whittle them down until there are none left, and others will be afraid to join, because they will KNOW it is a “death sentence,” just to BE an Islamic terrorist. France says they will be “ruthless” in taking them on. That means KILLING them when and where they find them. France has the right idea. Obama does NOT. His plan will NOT “work.” Since the Paris atrocities, France has performed 168 raids, and Belgium has followed suit. They have detained DOZENS of people. Hopefully, they will condemn them to DEATH, and carry it out quickly.

Not imprison them for a few years and ultimately release them as Obama is doing. First, we need to stop “coddling” Muslims as Obama has been doing and start PUNISHING them for their crimes. Any Muslim found screwing little boys or “marrying” little girls should be executed. That, being a “cultural thing” with them, but ILLEGAL in this country. It will get rid of most of them, as most of them do it. Then we must CRUSH THEM everywhere we find them. Declare them “persona non grata” with NO rights under our Constitution. Then GET RID OF THEM. (Washington Examiner)

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