Friday, November 6, 2015

Obama Is Killing Jobs

That's what Obama does best. By pushing the idea of a $15.00 minimum wage, he has caused hundreds, even thousands of jobs, as businesses (mostly restaurants for now) fire beginning workers who just aren't WORTH $15.00 an hour when they have to be trained to do the most simple of jobs, many of whom must use a calculator to make change for customers if their cash register, which TELLS them how much change to give, breaks down. Passing a $15.00 minimum wage ordinance in Seattle IMMEDIATELY cost that city 700 jobs, and many restaurant closings, because they just could not AFFORD to pay inexperienced workers that much. Now he has canceled the Keystone Pipeline project (until the next president can revive it), saying it is “not in the best interests of the nation,” which is an out-and-out LIE.

He says the “State Department” made that decision, but that's a lie, too. We all know the State dept. is only parroting HIS orders. He says it “isn't good for our 'work' on the environment,” which is ANOTHER lie. Anything he does for the environment is to promote AlGore's SWINDLE, now called, “climate change,” to better fool us. That action will cost us hundreds, even THOUSANDS of jobs, until the next president corrects this incompetence. Everything he does, and everything he PROMISES to do costs jobs. Such as PLEDGING to “bankrupt the coal industry,” an industry that is NECESSARY to keep the energy companies running, without which many of us will DIE. With MILLIONS of people out of work, and many of them having GIVEN UP on ever finding a job, we need every job we can get. But as long as Obama is running things, we won't get any. (Star Tribune)

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