Thursday, November 19, 2015

Absolute Damned FOOL!

That's Obama. Now he wants boys to be able to shower naked standing bedside a naked girl under the next shower head. Only in a world where BRUCE Jenner (who now calls himself Caitland) can win the “Woman of the Year” award from Glamour Magazine, this proving the absolute STUPIDITY of Glamour Magazine's management. I'll bet it's the first "woman" who has a penis ever won that award. This kind of thing is a result of the subjective philosophy of the “reigning idiots” in Washington, DC and elsewhere. We're seeing today an EPIDEMIC of such stupidity as “progressive Democrats” are still in charge, having CONNED their way into power. They have now PROVEN their stupidity in multiple policies they espouse, and their control is going to END soon, because of it. America doesn't “suffer fools” any longer than they have to. They have “kicked the bums out” in the last THREE elections, and are gearing up to do it again in the upcoming presidential elections. The worst thing that can happen to Democrats is for them to gain too much power, so they SHOW their stupidity, right out in the open, and LOSE their power. (Patriot Post)

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