Friday, November 13, 2015

Shootings In Paris

I'm hearing reports of some shootings in Paris, France. What the hell? Aren't there tight “gun laws” in France? They don't have a Second Amendment over there. So how did it happen? Liberals tell us all we need is more LAWS against law-abiding people carrying guns and gun violence will cease. Of course, that ignores the many guns in the hands of CRIMINALS and terrorists, who got them illegally. Later reports tell us of several different scenes of attack (up to SEVEN now), with dozens killed and hundreds taken hostage with at least one attacker in a concert venue firing into a crowd, screaming, “Allahu akbar!”. That this is an Islamic terrorist attack goes without saying. There is no evidence of talk of a phony video.

With the hundreds of thousands of young male Muslims and few women not only being ALLOWED to come here, but many of which whose passage is PAID by the federal government (at Obama's behest), how long will it be before this happens here? These cowards don't fight SOLDIERS, who can defeat them. They fight innocent civilians, most of whom are unarmed (by their government), and CANNOT fight back. Obama's actions in bringing Muslim “refugees” here (at OUR expense) must be STOPPED, by whatever means necessary. He's using OUR money to bring Muslim terrorists here by the hundreds of thousands. I can only hope the French army can sneak into that concert stadium and “pick off” all the terrorists there before they even know they're under attack. Remember, the report linked here is a PRELIMINARY report and things will change as more facts come out. (The Telegraph)

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