Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Quit Smoking

I saw an article recently on “How to Quit Smoking,” which told people many different ways to quit. There's a million dollar industry based on telling people how to quit smoking. But they failed to give them the most simple and easy one. Just QUIT, as I did some thirty years ago. I woke up one day after 45 years “making like a chimney” and decided I was tired of it. So I quit. I just STOPPED. I still had a half pack of smokes left in my pocket that ended up crumbled to dust eventually. I didn't do all sorts of things to “take my mind off smoking.” I even refrained from telling my wife I had quit so she wouldn't “help” me quit. I wanted to do it without anybody's “help.” But I suspect she knew, since she didn't have to empty ash trays, any more. Quitting is simple, if you have ANY willpower, at all. You have to WANT to quit. You can't be quitting to please anybody but yourself. I haven't smoked ANYTHING since that day, nor WANTED to. If you don't have enough willpower, don't try it, If you don't REALLY want to, don't bother. You'll fail. But if you decide you really WANT to quit, and you DO have the willpower, you will succeed, and be respected by all who know you. My son is almost 50 now, and he still marvels at my quitting like that. (Just common sense)

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