Sunday, November 8, 2015

Only Fools Support Sharia

What damned foolishness is it that causes otherwise intelligent people (who are not Muslims) to support Sharia Law, which is patently unconstitutional? Rep. Adam Kinzinger (a Republican, fergawdsakes!) supports the imaginary right of Muslims to submit themselves to Sharia Law IN the United States, notwithstanding the fact that is unconstitutional. Further, Sharia is NOT a religious thing. It is secular. Muslims are pushing, everywhere they can, to establish Sharia as a bona-fide legal system for use IN America. Muslims fervently wish this because when they begin to outnumber us in elections (and that is their aim) they can then point to Sharia as an established system of law within the United States. They are emigrating here in drives (hordes, really) and “take over” the neighborhoods in which they live, attacking people who come into their neighborhoods and oppose them. They have a cell phone system to organize beatings for Americans who come there so Muslims come from all sides to beat their victims. Meanwhile, they intend to one day have enough Muslims living here to be able to “take over” local (and maybe even national) government and force their ideas on us. Why people like Kinzinger can't see that, I don't know. I'm ashamed of the fact he is a Republican. Muslims in America have the same right to PRACTICE their “religion” as anybody else. They DON'T have the right to force US to observe their religious tenets, especially the ones that subjugate women and screw little boys (which is a “cultural thing” with them). (Freedom Outpost)

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