Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Offend No One"

Apparently that's the goal today in Washington, DC, and all other places run by liberals. Whenever ONE Muslim or gay activist complains about ANYTHING, liberals everywhere hasten to “correct it.” If a CONSERVATIVE complains about anything, “ho, hum!” They don't care about what we think, any time. They just call us “terrorists” and ignore our wishes. They have their agents running almost every major department of government, so they seem able today, to ignore the law, and even the Constitution, which is the ANCHOR and the BASIS for ALL our laws because the founders neglected to apply a real PENALTY for ignoring the Constitution aside from reversing things found to be unconstitutional (if you can find a sufficiently honest (translation: non-liberal) judge, or Supreme court Justice to so declare it, Apparently, today, there just aren't enough honest ones now in office to matter. So the liberals, led by Obama, gaily do whatever the hell they want, in SPITE of the Constitution, or any law to stop them. (Patriot Post)

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