Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Obama's Delusion

He says the American people LIKE Obamacare, when they actually HATE it with a passion. How could they NOT hate it when it DOUBLES their premiums, at the very least, for the SAME coverage, and deductibles in the THOUSANDS of dollars makes it useless? You have to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for medical care BEFORE your doubled-cost insurance kicks in. His abortion has so screwed up the medical profession that we are losing existing doctors at an alarming rate, while applications to medical schools have significantly reduced. What's there to LIKE? Yet Obama is convinced that America likes his abortion. Does he really BELIEVE that? Or is he just trying to make US believe it? Does he really think we are STUPID enough to believe it? If he is, he's more incompetent than I thought. (Minuteman News)

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