Friday, November 27, 2015

Biting Off Too Much

Pretty soon ISIS is going to “bite off more than they can chew.” After the success they've experienced because nobody is REALLY opposing them in Iraq or Afghanistan due to Obama's STUPIDITY in pulling his troops out without winning, they're beginning to think they're “invincible,” and can whip ANYBODY. They've been promising to “take on” the United States (eventually), and now they're promising to attack RUSSIA too, and SOON. Russia is KNOWN for CRUSHING terrorists when they attack them. Better terrorists than ISIS. So go on, ISIS, attack Russia and everybody else at the same time. And suffer the consequences. Frankly, I think they already HAVE “attacked Russia” by “downing” that Russian airplane. Good luck, ISIS, when the retaliation comes. They don't care about “collateral damage” like we do, as long as YOU die. And they're very good at killing. Never mind you beat Russia before. They weren't really trying. You were just a “piffle” to them then. Now they want a piece of your a....butt. (Town Hall)

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