Monday, November 16, 2015

Why Hate Trump?

Why do so many people hate Donald Trump? I can understand why Democrats (liberals) hate him. He's rich. And he makes no bones about it. He BRAGS about it while spending little of his riches in his quest to be president, at the same time monopolizing the media. Meanwhile, liberals are brainwashed to hate “the rich,” on principle. Another reason is his “Howitzer approach” to dealing with his critics. Some critic “takes a shot” at him with a pea-shooter, and he shoots back with a Howitzer. That frightens them. Why Republicans hate him is more a mystery to most people, but not to me. They're afraid he's going to “upset their little applecarts” and destroy their little “fiefdoms.” He makes them uncomfortable. The same things Democrats hate, they hate, too. If they criticize him, he “blows them out of the water.

They don't much like it that he's rich, either. They're subject to the same “conditioning” that RULES Democrats, even though most of them, like most of Democrats are, themselves, rich. If they weren't before coming to DC, they are, now. But the Republican elites usually get to DICTATE who we GET to vote for, and they're afraid he's going to destroy that. They know he can win WITHOUT being “subservient” to them because he doesn't need their money to get elected. Nor, if he does get elected (and he CAN win without them), he doesn't have to spend a large amount of his time begging for money. He will have time to actually GOVERN. There is only one way to stop him from getting the nomination, and winning the election: make rules that make it impossible while revealing to all their bias. To those who pay attention, anyway. The link here is to a liberal publication. So take their words with several “grains of salt.” (Esquire)

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