Saturday, November 14, 2015

Government of the Stupid

By the stupid, and FOR the stupid. Obama and his government are living in a “dream world.” Like “Alice in Wonderland.” He recently said, “The terrorists are not gaining ground in Iraq , Afghanistan, or Syria.” He said it without using the term, “:Islamic terrorists.” He refuses to even SAY those words. He will NOT even recognize our enemy. Meanwhile, they're spreading over the Middle East like a “:plague of locusts,” destroying everything in their path. Raping, beheading little girls and adults, taking over towns and wreaking havoc everywhere they go. The only thing they understand is DEATH. They foolishly teach their stupid fighters that if they get killed in battle, supporting the Muslim cause, they'll go to a “paradise,” peopled by whores who somehow REMAIN “virgins,” even after they screw them for all eternity.

Meanwhile, they screw everything they can while still alive; women, men, little girls, little boys, probably even sheep, cows, and all other kinds of animals. Sometimes they even tape Muslim women and then the woman's fathers or brothers murder her for "dishonoring" the family. I think Obama is ONE of them, undercover. And the people who elected him for the second time are as stupid as they come. ISIS claims these attacks in France are “revenge for French air strikes in Syria. Of course. They think they can “do their dirty work” and NOT be attacked, in return. They think we should just let them do it, and NEVER retaliate. More stupidity. They made a bad mistake by this attack, and by threatening to do the same in other national capitols. Their “days are numbered,: as Secretary of State Kerry told them. What they do does NOT “weaken us.” It “stiffens our national spine.” Come here to kill us, and you will DIE. They will die, even if they don't. Count on it. We'll be happy to help them get to "paradise." (CBS, DC)

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