Sunday, November 1, 2015

Soros: Public Enemy #1

If there was ever a worse enemy America has, it is George Soros, a man who is known to have brought down at least five national economies in different countries. If there is ANYTHING going on that hurts this nation, or any part of it, chances are good that Soros' money has financed what the people fomenting the “problem” are doing. One of the most recent is the riots in Ferguson, MO. You wonder where all the rioters who did NOT live there came from, to assault people and burn buildings and scream epithets. You wonder where these people, who obviously have no jobs (except working for Soros creating riots), or they wouldn't be able to spend so much time making trouble, get the money to travel, usually at First Class, to show up wherever they can make the most trouble. You wonder where all the people, from all over the country, some from other countries, get the money to go wherever there is trouble to be made. In Baltimore, for instance, where a thug dies in a “questionable manner,” which was ASSUMED to be because of police handling, but was actually due to his own actions, you wonder how so many non-Baltimore residents came from to demonstrate, and get six cops indicted for murder, something they couldn't accomplish in Ferguson, where “wiser heads” prevailed. It is Soros money that “jump-started” the career of Barack Hussein Obama and paid his way to the presidency, thus doing considerable damage to this country. Read the list of TEN of his best-known atrocities in the attached article. (Human Events)

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