Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Political Chaos:" Dems Losing

Under Obama, Democrats have LOST 900 seats in state legislatures. Along with many seats in the national Congress, in both Houses. They've lost a BUNCH of governorships, as well. It's a DISASTER for Democrats—and it has been the same in the last THREE elections. It's ALL Obama's fault, but the liberal media ignores it, or makes excuses for it. One pundit says, “It strengthens the Republican stranglehold on the government.” (reversing the DEMOCRAT “stranglehold”) Of course, had those numbers been reversed, the narrative would have been different. And it's all Obama's fault. He has failed so miserably as president, he has been the best thing to ever happen to Republicans. They ought to hire him to make Republicans even stronger after he leaves office—IF he ever does. He has certainly shown a positive GENIUS for it. He may have set the Democrats back for generations! To liberal media figures, it's only “chaos” if the Republicans win. If the Democrats win, it's “something to celebrate.” (News Busters)

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