Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Obama's Absurdities

Many things Obama has done in the last seven years are absurd. But closing GITMO while Muslim terrorists are still killing Americans (and other innocent people) all over the world is the most absurd. Moving these “stone killers” into the United States is going to mean the deaths of a lot of people, beginning with their fellow prisoners, as easy as it is to anger them and make them want to kill anybody in range, not caring abut the consequences. That doesn't disturb me as much as the killings they will do when they escape, as some of them WILL do. They're ruthless killers, not used to having to curb their killer instincts. And the way Obama is releasing them for any reason, or no reason at all, I worry that their penchant for screwing CHILDREN (it's a “cultural thing,” with them) will make a more dangerous world for little boys or little girls. Obama seems unable, or unwilling to punish Muslims for ANYTHING. Now, THAT worries me. If he doesn't “wise up” and realize they're deadly ENEMIES, and deal with them as such, we will lose to them. Not because they're so good, but because Obama is NOT so good. He's pretty LOUSY, in fact. (Mail News)

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