Monday, November 2, 2015

No Gun Problem

We don't have a “legal gun proliferation problem.” We have a “thug culture problem,” and we're letting the thugs “take over” with their “Black Lives Matter” horse manure being given serious consideration, even by the Democrat Party, which plans to hold a fund-raising meeting under their auspices. We just can't convince those incompetent bozos in Congress (and other legislative bodies) of that.  And I'm talking about bozos in BOTH parties. Those who STILL believe that a LAW will stop evil-doers from getting their guns illegally. Those fools don't GET their guns legally, so NO AMOUNT of laws will curb their gun-ownership, OR the violence that comes from it. A good example of that is the guy in New Mexico who shot at a car over a “lane disagreement” and managed to kill a four-year-old girl. Nobody knows whether or not he owned his gun legally, because the liberal media “somehow” neglected to mention it. But it really doesn't matter does it? He was a THUG, in either case, and a law would not have made piffle of difference. The guy who killed a cop in New York the other day was a KNOWN thug, a “career criminal,” and you can BET his gun was illegally owned. And of course, the thugs are putting out the word that USE of the word, “thug” is racist, in an effort to stop us from using the word, altogether, which, if successful, will cause a cessation of criticism of thugs, black and white, if we can't even USE the word, “thug.”. I, for one, will continue to use it. To hell with the thugs! (Bearing Arms)

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