Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christie Destroys Obama

Obama went on the “Morning Joe” program and tried to take credit for New Jersey's reduction in crime by 20%, and reduction in prison population by 10%. He said, “Obama had NOTHING to do with it!” It's a typical example of Obama's attempts to take credit for anything GOOD, while blaming anything bad on Bush. Obama will probably call Christie a liar. That's what he does when anybody reveals his own LIES. But he can't ignore the obvious. The obvious is that Obama does NOT support law enforcement. He has made that plain in his statements in FAVOR of the current effort to discredit law enforcement by his criminal friends, while becoming the best-known lawbreaker, himself. Christie says cops are afraid to get out of their cars because their politicians do not support them. In that' he's partially wrong. They still come out of their cars, but now with their guns already drawn, ready to shoot. Obama is creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy” with regard to how quick the cops shoot. (Conservative Newsroom)

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