Saturday, November 7, 2015

What's WRONG With Obama?

One day after vetoing the military budget, he's now thinking about increasing “our involvement” against the Islamic terrorists. What the hell? Is he too STUPID to know we're ALREADY “at war” with Islamic terrorists? Does he not know about their wish to destroy everything American? You can't have a war with somebody if you don't even recognize there IS a war, and if he continues to DENY they ARE a serious enemy, it won't be a war. It will end up a massacre. They are “running wild,” raping, beheading, and otherwise MURDERING innocent people (who are NOT combatants) all over the world, including here. And he does literally NOTHING about it. Soon they'll be strong enough, through lack of concerted action against them, to really threaten us. He will be forever remembered as the president who “gave away his country” to a bunch of useless bastards. (Patriot Post)

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