Friday, November 20, 2015

What Are They Hiding?

Recently, the Daily Caller News foundation (DCNF) tried to gain entrance to the place where we stored our gold to research something that had nothing to do with the maintenance of precious documents by the federal government, and were repulsed by the usual bureaucratic foot-dragging. We've also been trying to get into the National Mint to find out of there's any gold left, or if it has been LOOTED, again to no avail. These places, and everything in them are OUR PROPERTY, and should be open to inspection, at all times. What are they HIDING? Why are government bureaucrats “stonewalling” us in our efforts to find out what they're doing, what they're HOLDING, and if there is even any gold LEFT in the U. S. Mint? Have they stolen it all? Is there no longer any gold to back up our currency? Are our “precious documents,” such as the Constitution, itself, GONE? Or have they been destroyed or damaged by the miserable conditions prevalent in the old building in which they've been stored? Such things should be transparent. Obama PROMISED a “transparent administration,” but hasn't delivered, on that, or any other promises except the ones we hate. (Daily Caller)

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