Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Let Boys Use Girl's Restrooms!"

That's what Obama's bureaucracy is telling schools, threatening to cut their funding if they refuse. Of course, this doesn't follow any law, but that doesn't matter to Obama. He thinks if he wants it, that's a good enough reason to force it on our schools and provide opportunities for boys, at the most “horny” part of their lives, to look at naked females, thus increasing the probability of more teen rapes. Try and tell him that. He'll laugh at you. He's as STUPID as there is. We'll be well rid of him next year, IF that happens. For a long time, we used LOGIC to allow boys and girls (and women and men) to be able to go the the bathroom or take a shower, fergawdsake, without a member of the opposite sex looking at them from close up. But now, the federal GOVERNMENT is threatening to pull their funding if schools don't allow boys and girls to use the same restrooms (locker rooms, and showers), at the same time. I wondered, when I started this blog, if I'd have enough material, but I shouldn't have worried. The liberals daily provide me with more idiocies than I have the energy to report. (Minuteman News)

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