Saturday, November 21, 2015

Another Cop Murdered

In Los Angeles County, this cop, who was not on duty, and was out of uniform, was apparently targeted by the killers, who obviously knew him. But will the liberal media take notice? Will they CARE? Same with the “black lives matter” fools. Will they care about a cop being murdered? Or will they ignore that while they make a lot of noise about the next “unarmed black” that gets killed while trying to take a cop's gun so he can kill him with it? Cops today need “eyes in the backs of their heads” to avoid getting a bullet there, fired by criminal FOOLS who don't know any better. What's really amazing about this is first, he wasn't even WHITE! He was Hispanic. And he was murdered right behind the Downey Police station. The dead cop is described as a “former Marine,” which is impossible. As long as he was alive he was STILL a Marine, albeit not on active duty. There ARE no “former Marines.” (Last Resistance)

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