Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Liberals Do Stupid Things

Their current stupidity is “gender identity.” They want to push the “right” for men who “identify” as women to use woman's restroom and locker rooms where they can see all kinds of naked females. The Houston mayor thinks her “bathroom ordinance” (which failed in a landslide” assures a “basic right” (of men being able to go to the bathroom next to a woman in the same room) is the “right thing to do.” The voters proved her wrong by voting it down. In San Francisco, the sheriff that supported “sanctuary cities” where an illegal alien could KILL someone and be released lost his job. The voters have spoken. I'm 78 and have numerous pains. I can barely walk. I'd LIKE to “identify” as 34. But strain as I might, I can't make it work. Men have no business in a woman's restroom or locker rooms, or especially not in their shower rooms.. But liberals think they do, on just their sayso that they “identify” as female. What a sweet scam THAT is!

That takes away a fundamental right of females to be able to “do their business” in private, without a man watching. This ordinance, if it had passed, would be an open invitation to sexual predators to be able to be in the same room with them as they “did their business.” I'd BET this would lead to many more sexual attacks on women. Liberals say it will never happen. Just as they say “concealed carry” will never be used to stop criminals in their tracks (it happens somewhere, every day, one time just recently, in Chicago). They're WRONG in every way they can be, but they never admit it. They just keep on making their STUPID laws, even when those laws backfire on them spectacularly. They don't have the INTELLIGENCE to do otherwise. The mayor says non-passage “stains” Houston's reputation for “tolerance.” What IS that “brown stain,” mayor? (Twitchy)

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