Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Obama's Real "Bovine Excrement"

He spouts it every time he opens his mouth. And he has spouted it this time too, when he tells us we're “under a siege of crime,” when all the best gauges tell us crime is at the bottom of a years-long downward spiral, as more guns become owned by HONEST people, who ”kill off” many ILLEGALLY-armed criminals with them, preventing those criminals from victimizing them, or anybody else, later. But Obama doesn't like that. He wants to DISARM those honest people. Leaving all those ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals, who use them to victimize us all. He wants to make laws whose usual result is the death of honest people, and DO NOTHING to “stop crime.” Soon, we will be inundated by thousands of Muslim “refugees,” many of whom will be the Islamic terrorists, who have come here under false colors, to kill as many Americans as they can, simply because those Americans do not follow their “religion.” This is a danger we have not had before, but to repulse this “invasion” will require us to obtain more and more guns, legally, if possible, illegally, if necessary. I know that's a terrible thing to say, but it is necessary for it to be said. Our very lives and freedom are at stake. (Bearing Arms)

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