Sunday, November 15, 2015

Public Enemy #2

We all know that George Soros is Public Enemy #1. His money is behind most of the asinine acts of liberals, everywhere. Prick a violent liberal and you'll find Soros' blood. You name the riot, he's behind it. He PAID demonstrators to go to Ferguson, MO, to make trouble. But then there's Public enemy #1—Barack Hussein Obama. Obama has done everything he could to make life easier for Islamic terrorists, and other Muslims in America. Whenever a question comes up about Muslims, Obama sees to it that it is decided IN FAVOR of the Muslim. Like the court decision to award Muslim truck drivers who refused to deliver alcoholic beverages, even though they knew, when hired, that was part of the job, a six- figure award because they “were only doing what their religion demands.” Meanwhile, he sees to it a baker who went against the current narrative because of HIS religion got slapped with a six-figure FINE. And a county clerk who refused to issue a license for a gay marriage because of HER “religious convictions,” was sent to jail. Talk about an OBVIOUS double standard! We need to GET RID OF OBAMA, as quickly as possible, so he can do as little more damage as possible. It has now become critical for us to do so. Federal Marshals need to take him out of the Oval Office in handcuffs, “perp walk” him to a car (in front of all the TV cameras), and take him to jail, there to await tria; and sentencing for TREASON. Forget impeachment. His crimes are way more serious than that can handle, since he “knows where all the bodies are buried,” probably, and, Like Bill Clinton, buried a few, himself. (Human Events)

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