Friday, November 13, 2015

We're GIVING It Away!

If we lose to the Islamic terrorists, it won't be because they're superior. It will be because our “leaders” won't even ADMIT they are at war with us. Obama won't even USE the words, “Islamic terrorism.” Further, whenever a conflict comes up between Muslims and anyone else, Obama and his fools “rule” in favor of the Muslims. One of the most recent examples is some Muslim truckers who refused to deliver alcohol and got fired for it. They got $240,000.00 from an American court! Meanwhile, bakers who refuse to bake cakes for gay “weddings,” similarly against their religious beliefs, have been given a $135,000.00 FINE for doing so.

What's the difference? In one case, the “victims” were Muslims. In the other, Christians. The judges who made these decisions were STUPID. Both of them. And if they'd like to cite me for contempt of court for saying that, I plead GUILTY. I have NOTHING but contempt for these “courts.” The “peaceful Muslims” who come here might not be killing people (yet), but they came here for one reason: to make as much trouble as they can. And they're doing it. In one place, they invaded a Christian church and removed symbols of Christianity. If we were to do that in a mosque, the complaints about “religious intolerance” would be never ending. (World Net Daily)

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