Monday, November 9, 2015

National Plastic Bag Tax

Liberals don't want us to use plastic bags, so they now want to put a NATIONAL 10 cent tax on each one (probably 100 times the cost to make each one). That's one more way to con us out of more money, I guess. We STARTED using them at the behest of other liberals, who wanted to eliminate the use of PAPER bags because it killed trees (never mind trees are a renewable resource, and there are more trees today than 100 years ago). I really wish they'd make up their damned fool heads. They got us using plastic bags and now they want us to STOP using them. I've become convinced these people have no idea what they're doing, or what they're thinking. Liberals are telling us all the time what's bad for us, and later finding out they were wrong. But they keep doing it, anyway. Which is common with liberals. They're simply busybodies who want to tell us what to do, right or not. (Minuteman News)

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