Sunday, November 22, 2015

False Racism Accusations

If this is what cops can expect when making a routine stop to advise a black woman to walk AGAINST traffic to avoid being run over by a truck, it's no wonder applications for new recruits for the “cop shop” have gone down, significantly. But that's only a piffle compared to being concerned that some illegally-armed thug will shoot them as they drive by in their distinctively-marked cars, wearing their impressive uniforms with that bright, shiny target on their chests. This black woman, wearing a “hoodie” (the signature wear of criminals black AND white, bent on illegal activities), and walking on the wrong side of the road, was stopped and told that she ought to walk FACING traffic, so she wouldn't get “run over,” as she had come dangerously close to being, while the cops watched. The cops were concerned for her safety, and acted as perfect gentlemen, calling her “ma'am.”

Everybody shook as they left, but this PROFESSOR (who is also a DEAN) wrote an “op-ed” for a newspaper accusing them of “stopping me for walking while black,” and “not telling me why,” both of which are LIES, hoping to make trouble for the cops. Many blacks do this, accusing cops of racism where none exists, except in their minds, and exaggerating things (talking about “red lights and sirens”), claiming things that never happened. This is why cops NEED “body cameras,” AND in-car cameras, to counter these lies being told by many black racists, who want to PROMOTE the false claim that all cops are racist, while it is they, themselves, who are the racists. The “new racism” is black hating white racism, and every accusation of racism should be “taken with a BIG grain of salt. And they should NEVER be taken seriously without corroborating evidence beyond one person's unsupported word. Watch the video of the whole stop by clicking the link provided. (Hot Air)

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