Friday, November 6, 2015

More Rapes and Murders

I keep talking about liberal policies resulting in more crime, and this article proves I'm right. Their policies seem to ALWAYS result in more crime, more murders, more rapes, and more of every kind of crime. In New York City, while Mayor DeBlasio is “reforming the police,” the murder rate spiked 8.3%. The rapes went up 5.8%, and other kinds of crimes went up a whopping 18%! His treatment of the cops has shown graphically that he has NO RESPECT for them, and it's getting them killed. FOUR cops have been MURDERED by BLACK men recently, and he and his friends are STILL accusing the cops of being “murderers.” And the “rules of engagement” he has imposed have, themselves, HANDICAPPED the cops in dealing with the thugs, who have no such restrictions. DeBlasio has “reformed” them, right out of business. If I were a New York City cop, I would have long since quit. The mayor didn't bother to show up for the latest cop funeral, although he did send a note. With the proliferation of guns in the hands of honest people nationwide, crime rates have gone down significantly, everywhere but liberal enclaves like New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit. If you don't believe the backlash against the cops is at least partially responsible for the increase in crime in the big city, and the emphasis on the cops “killing black men” is not the “problem they want you to believe it is, you need several head examinations. (Hot Air)

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