Sunday, November 15, 2015

What Fools Are These?

Hillary has joined the chorus of Democrats denying that we are “at WAR” with Islamic terrorism. Even though the best known Islamic terrorist outfit, ISIS, has PROMISED to come to America and kill people. She joins Obama, who won't even USE the words, Islamic terrorism, while they go about raping, murdering, and beheading citizens, adults and children, all over the Middle East and have had just 8 terrorists kill more than 150 people in Paris the other day because their targets are NOT military people. they go after “soft targets.” Non-combatants who are not much of a challenge because they are neither trained, nor armed against them. Just like 18 Islamic terrorists used four hijacked airplanes to kill more than 3,000 innocent civilians at the world Trade Center. But Obama and his accomplices still deny they're a danger to us and refuse to effectively fight them, leaving that to other countries. Obama as president will be the DEATH of us, yet. And that's the way that fool wants it. My sister calls him “Ovomit,” and that's appropriate. Hillary diverts things by saying we want people to be against ALL Muslims, not Muslim TERRORISTS, which is as phony as she is. (Newsweek)

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