Sunday, November 1, 2015

"End Divisive Politics!"

That's what “Ol' Joe” thinks we should do. In Joe BIden's speech in the rose Garden telling us he will not run for president (at this time) opposing Hillary, he said we should “end divisive politics.” Is he STUPID, or what? This entire SYSTEM was DESIGNED to PROMOTE “divisive politics.” Without it, we would simply have a “one-party system,” otherwise known as a DICTATORSHIP. The Founders wisely set the whole thing up so there would be “checks and balances” on the power wielded by EVERYBODY so one man could not just “take over” and “rule by fiat.” Wait.... what? You say Obama has done just that? Yes, he has, with the COOPERATION of the other two branches of government, the only way he could have done it. If things had run the way they were designed, he couldn't have done it. So, Joe....we already HAVE a government where “divisive politics” do not exist, while it APPEARS otherwise, to our detriment. (Twitchy)

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