Friday, November 27, 2015

Why Should We?

If they won't? How many (count 'em) Muslim-run states in the Persian Gulf area have accepted NO “Syrian refugees?” Yet they make a lot of noise about how “racist” and “unfeeling” we are if we don't accept thousands of “refugees” that include very few women or children, and are made up of mostly young, healthy, fighting age MEN? If Muslim states won't take them, why the hell should we? We're damned FOOLS to do so, allowing thousands of possible Muslim extremists into our country, with permission, to set up their cells and later kill as many Americans as they can? This “invasion” of Muslims into our country is the biggest “Trojan Horse” operation there ever has been. And if we continue to allow it, they're going to overrun us. But Obama doesn't care. That's what he wants. (Daily Caller)

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