Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ask the Criminals

Where they get their guns. They may not tell you EXACTLY which back-alley gun seller they go to, to keep him out of jail. But they'll willingly tell you that they rarely, if ever, buy them legally. They always go to somebody who sells them out of the trunk of his car in a back alley somewhere. Mostly because most of them are felons and can't buy them legally, but also because they don't want the guns to be traceable to them after they use them to commit a crime. The “understory” here is that, NO AMOUNT of “gun laws” will prevent them from getting their guns. The “gun-grabbers” realize this unless they're completely ignorant or stupid. But it doesn't stop them from insisting on passing more and more USELESS gun laws every time a criminal or a crazy goes on a shooting rampage with a legal, OR illegal gun. They KNOW this new law won't do a damned things to stop gun violence, but that's not their goal. Their goal is to reduce the chances of Americans having guns they can use against THEM when they send their thugs (with badges) to steal what's ours in the future. They don't worry about the guns in the hands of criminals, because they are “kindred souls” who are doing their own stealing. (America's First Freedom)

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