Thursday, November 5, 2015

It IS A "Bad Word!"

Feminists are accusing Rush Limbaugh of “demonizing” the word, “feminist, by his use of the word, “Feminazi.” But the word, “feminism” didn't need Rush Limbaugh to demonize it. The entire feminist movement, in its original form, was disreputable, from the beginning. The original feminists hated men totally. They said ALL sex was rape, which is a patent lie. Women like sex as much as men do. It is the “society” that forces them to act as if they don't. Sex in marriage, for instance, is NOT. Sex is PART of marriage. In the years since, feminism in the large part, has “modified itself” and is not as completely radical as it once was. Gloria Steinem was one of the original radical feminists, and she is trying today, to re-energize feminism to be what it was.

Part of that is her effort to “demonize” Rush Limbaugh, who simply REPORTED on what they were doing. As part of his “35 Truths of Life,” he said “feminism is a way for unattractive women to improve their lot.” (or words to that effect). And if you include Gloria Steinem, she is the epitome of that statement, as were most of her “cohorts.” If being a feminist is believing women have the same rights as men, I am a feminist, to that extent—and so is he. But if you go as far as does Steinem, I am not. And neither is he. The only thing with me is, I insist on that equality being extended top BOTH sexes. The “toilet seat down controversy,” for instance. Women insisting men leave the toilet seat down is demanding special treatment. They are as capable of putting it down to use it as are men capable of putting it down, OR up. (Town Hall)

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