Friday, November 20, 2015

Since the Beginning

We were still an “infant state” when we first began fighting Islamic Terrorists. You've probably heard of the “Barbary Pirates,” who seriously compromised the shipping lanes soon after our “Revolutionary War” that we needed so desperately for money for shipping to support our fledgling government. No president before Thomas Jefferson wanted to do anything about it. But he sent in the Marines, which was a completely untried force at the time, and they “cleaned them out,” restoring peace to the Libyan area. That is the source of the Marine Corps hymn, which contains the words, “....from the Shores of Tripoli.” The “ruler” of Tripoli (which is now Libya) was overthrown, sailors they were holding for ransom were freed, and their pirate system destroyed (for a long time), stopping the pirate assault on the shipping lanes we depended on for money to support the new government in America.

Today, our “president” is much like those earlier presidents, in that he doesn't recognize the true threat today's “Barbary Pirates” (the Islamic terrorists) present. He won't even USE the words, “Islamic terrorism.” He HELPS the Muslims everywhere he can, and so do his henchmen. In this, he is a TRAITOR. The original Barbary Pirates were Muslims, too. So basically, we've been fighting Muslim terrorism since right after the American Revolution. Tell that to Obama and he'll laugh at you and tell you you're ignorant, although the ignorant one here is OBAMA. The book to which the link refers tells the story of this Tripoli war in detail you never heard in school—if they even MENTIONED it. (Town Hall)

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