Monday, November 23, 2015

Scarboro Full of Bull

I can't say if the manure comes from a horse or a bull, but it's manure, in any case. Joe Scarboro is “doubling down” on the Democrat's feeble attempt to discredit Dr. Carson over the meaning of what he said fifty years ago about being “offered a West Point 'scholarship',” which does not exist. What Scarboro doesn't accept (in his “superior knowledge,” of course) is the fact that Carson, as pretty much a boy at the time could have misconstrued the general's offer to BE a “scholarship (and DID).” As to if he DID go to West Point, he didn't. And he never said he did. Go back and read the book to verify that. He wanted to be a doctor, and has obviously attained that goal, which the years of attendance necessary to attend West Point would have made impossible in the time frame. It's an OBVIOUS attempt by the Democrats to besmirch a good man. They can't find anything REAL to use against him, so they make one up, as they usually do. (Twitchy)

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