Friday, November 13, 2015

They Can't "Get" Hillary

Why not? Why can't they “get” Hillary? They “got” Gen.Patraeus easily enough for something very similar. Why has she been able to lie, misdirect, and ridicule all efforts to get her for her “crimes while they find nothing?” It's like the “investigation” into her husband's sexual activities, not only in the White House, but before he ascended to the presidency. They finally “got” him to some degree. They were finally able to impeach him, but his intimate knowledge of “where the bodies were buried” prevented his CONVICTION and removal from office, even though they did prove he DID lie to Congress, under oath. He also lied, misdirected and ridiculed their efforts. He even was able to somewhat “demonize” the investigator and I'm sure Hillary has that in mind, too. But that doesn't explain why they have worked so long, spent so much valuable time and money, and STILL have not been able to definitively prove what we already know.

That she committed a crime, just by HAVING her own, private e-mail system while in office as Secretary of State, regardless of whether or not she received, or sent “classified” information over it. The fact remains, ANY messages she sent, doing business as Secretary of state, MADE them classified. And the claim that she didn't do business by e-mail in this day and age, as well as her claim not to even HAVE a computer in her office is ludicrous. She certainly did have SEVERAL “computers” (cell phones today ARE computers) on her person. What I wonder is, do they really WANT to “get” her? Is the “congressional investigation” merely a “dog and pony show” designed to make us THINK they're “doing something?” Probably not, unless the guy running it is only pretty good at convincing us he IS serious, but is not.. But the fact remains, when the “victim” is a Democrat, we generally get nothing. When he/she is a Republican, we do. (Just common sense)

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