Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Muslim "Right to Kill?"

A Muslim Imam told “moderate Muslim” viewers of an interview on a Norwegian TV station that any Muslim had “the right to kill” anybody who disrespected Islam. Not only was it ALLOWED, it was DECREED, by Koranic Law, that ALL Muslims have the DUTY to kill them. These are the so-called “moderate Muslims” he was talking to! We've always known this, but Muslims insist it is not true, and it is a “myth.” Now it has been CONFIRMED, by no less than an Imam. This malevolent “religion” should be SHUNNED, everywhere. But it won't be, not as long as Obama is president. Obama is not only IN FAVOR of whatever Muslims want, but he swears he is NOT a Muslim, himself. And that approval has spread to other countries, who ALSO give “special treatment” to Muslims. Remember, it is OKAY to LIE to advance the agenda of Islam, according to no less than the Koran (however they spell it today). And Obama is a KNOWN liar. So if he insists he ISN'T a Muslim, you can believe he IS. (Eagle Rising)

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