Friday, May 1, 2015

War Against Christianity?

There's an ONGOING war against Christianity right now, and it's not just the Muslims waging it. Our own GOVERNMENT is doing its best to destroy the religion of the men who founded this country. Not by BANNING it, but by putting every obstacle it can in way of the people following it. The most recent evidence is that Obama has given orders to “cover up” all symbols of Christ in all VA churches (Hmmm...I wonder if that order includes symbols of the Muslim religion, too, in their mosques! And I wonder if Muslims reciprocate by banning symbols of their faith in THEIR government-owned mosques, which includes just about ALL of them?). For what purpose would he do this except to HURT Christianity by denying them the right to use the symbols of THEIR church IN their church?, even if the order IS unconstitutional. But when has Obama ever cared about the Constitution? Their excuse is, probably, to avoid “offending” other religions. This is the first president I've ever heard of who worried about “offending” other religions by BANNING symbols of Christianity in a CHRISTIAN country. Of course, Muslims are “offended” by just about everything. (Truth Or Fiction)

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