Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Is Hillary In Trouble?

Bill Kristol, founder and editor or “The Weekly Standard,” thinks she is. She was “riding high” until even ONE Democrat had the GUTS to say she shouldn't be our president after 2016, and one has. True, he isn't really a Democrat. He's an Independent, but he's made no secret that he's a socialist, which means he might as well be a Democrat. On April 30, Bernie Sanders announced his intent to run for president on the Democrat ticket. When I say she was “riding high,” I mean she had no opponents on her side of the aisle, and the media telling us not to criticize her. Personally, I think she has PLENTY of opposition from Republicans and, as a socialist in a capitalist country, she has NO chance (unless she can steal the election like Obama did). What it does is encourage other Democrats to run, which could “break up her pie” more on votes for the nomination. And if Sarah Palin runs, Hillary is “dead meat.” (Conservative Newsroom)

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