Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Impervious to Reason

It amazes me how liberals can be so impervious to reason. We tell them and tell them that wages in big business (and small) are set at a point where they can AFFORD to pay them and still make money. There's a limit on how much they can CHARGE, and thus a limit on how much they can PAY. If they can't pay, those jobs will GO AWAY. It's better to be employed at slightly less than you'd like than not employed at all. I've been that way all my life, but I've lived a good life. If I'd have told my employer to pay me a LOT more than I was worth (and made it stick), he'd tell me “bye, bye.”:He needs me, but not as much as I needed him. They're finding that out in Seattle, where the city mandated $15 an hour minimum wage. Businesses that have been around for years are closing, or moving elsewhere. If you want to destroy business, that's the way to go. It seems like EVERYTHING liberals insist on work that way. (Forbes)

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